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Tsuyoshi Niwa

Tsuyoshi Niwa

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Tsuyoshi Niwa is a saxophonist, flutist, bass clarinetist, composer. He speaks multiple languages. He makes apps. He travels the world. He enjoys good conversations.




Tsuyoshi Niwa was born on March 15, 1972 in Tokyo, Japan.

His first musical instrument was trumpet. The same year he started playing, he also became a computer programmer. He was 10.

He lived in Mexico between the age of 12 and 14. He got Japanese education. He made Mexican friends. He had an American tutor teaching him English.

He started playing his first alto sax when 15. He started playing the soprano three years later.

He graduated in Tokyo with a chemistry degree. His senior thesis was about analyzing pesticide residues in Chinese oolong tea.

Tsuyoshi moved to NY and attended New School Jazz and Contemporary Music. He recorded his first album “Sequence X” with Matt Wilson, Tony Marino and his mentor, Phil Markowitz.

The second album “Internal Dance” was recorded in NY in 1999 with Leo Tardin, Otis Brown III and Ian Riggs. CD Release party was supported by Robert Glasper.

He moved to Italy and toured with Amalia Gre Group for four months. In Rome, Tsuyoshi recorded additional tracks for “Internal Dance” with Riccardo Biseo, Francesco Puglisi, Nicola Angelucci. The new album was released under Alfamusic label.

Tsuyoshi returned to Tokyo after Italy. His compositions have been aired repeatedly on Japanese radio stations. He has frequently flown to Mexico to perform and record with saxophonist, Juan Alzate.

Tsuyoshi moved back to NY and recorded his latest album “At the End of the Day” with Randy Brecker, Billy Kilson, Phil Palombi and Yuichi Inoue. CD Release party was held at the Blue Note New York.

Tsuyoshi went back to Japan. But, he soon started his 2-year long world trip in 20 countries. At the end of the trip, he obtained an artist visa.

Tsuyoshi lives in NY for the third time.

Tsuyoshi Niwa performs soprano sax, tenor sax, flute and bass clarinet. He speaks fluent Japanese, English and Spanish. He speaks a little Italian and French. Chinese is next. He also makes apps.





CD#4 - At the End of the Day

Tsuyoshi Niwa (soprano sax & flute)

Randy Brecker (trumpet & flugel horn)

Billy Kilson (drums)

Phil Palombi (bass)

Yuichi Inoue (piano)

Recorded in 2013


CD#3 - Internal Dance (Alfamusic version)

Tsuyoshi Niwa (soprano sax)

Leo Tardin (piano on 1,3,4,6,7)

Ian Riggs (bass on 1,3,4,6,7)

Otis Brown III (drums on 1,3,4,6,7)

Riccardo Biseo (piano on 2, 5, 8)

Francesco Puglisi (bass on 2, 5, 8)

Nicola Angelucci (drums on 2, 5, 8)

Tracks 1, 3, 4, 6, 7 recorded in NY, USA in 1999

Tracks 2, 5, 8 recorded in Rome, Italy in 2004


CD#2 - Internal Dance (collector’s edition)

Tsuyoshi Niwa (soprano sax)

Leo Tardin (piano)

Ian Riggs (bass)

Otis Brown III (drums)

Recorded in NY in 1999


CD#1 - Sequence X

Tsuyoshi Niwa (soprano sax)

Phil Markowitz (piano)

Tony Marino (bass)

Matt Wilson (drums)

Recorded in NY in 1997



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